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About Us

Richmond Early Learning Centre (Formally Richmond Infant and Toddler Centre) is Invercargill's smallest boutique Early Childhood Centre. We are proud to be 100% Southland owned.

We pride ourselves in providing high quality education for children 0-5 years in a small, homelike, intimate setting with highly trained passionate teachers. We specialise in Infant and Toddler care, provide quality preschool education and offer the highest possible care to our youngest citizens! We offer a stepping stone to transition to Kindergarten, or the option to stay through to beginning school.


The teachers working with the infants are knowledgeable and skillful. These kaitiaki thoughtfully provide the time and space for infants to develop physically at their own pace in a mixed-age setting. Teachers have respectful, caring and nurturing relationships with infants and sensitively respond to their subtle verbal and non-verbal cues. Teachers know the children well and work closely with parents, valuing their contribution and preferences. 

Education Review Office, 2016


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